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Zectium Ore
Zectium Ore.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence No
Blast Resistance 20.0
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version 1.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Diamond Pickaxe

Zectium Ore is a somewhat rare ore in the CrazyOres mod. Zectium Ore spawns in veins of 6 or less and only at level 14 or below. Zectium Ore can be smelted to create Zectium Ingots. Ingots can be used to make tools, armor, blocks, and golems. Zectium is a naturally "explosive" ore, and has the potential to create extremely large explosions - as well as protect against them.

Zectium tools are very durable, being more durable than Diamond tools and the tier above it (Tapazite). They have 1701 uses and are faster than Diamond tools. Zectium armor is very strong and durable. A full set of Zectium armor will make the player immune to explosion damage. The damage from explosions will instead be directed to the armor.

9 Zectium Ingots will create one Zectium Block. 4 ingots in a square shape will make Reinforced Bricks. 4 ingots in a diamond shape will create Diagonal Reinforced Bricks. Both of these bricks can create stairs of the same pattern. Smelting glass and a Zectium Ingot in a Demonite Furnace will create Reinforced Glass. Smelting Reinforced Glass will make it smooth. All of these blocks are almost completely resistant to explosion damage.

Zectium Golems are also immune to explosion damage.

Zectium Dungeons[]

A Zectium Dungeon. Zectium Protectors are flying around inside, looking out for potential looters.
Although they are rare, you can sometimes find Zectium Dungeons in the sky. These dungeons carry loot including Zectium Cores (thrown to create explosions), Ingots, and other goodies. However, beware, as these dungeons are guarded by flying, one-eyed Zectium Protectors. Protectors will shoot Zectium Cores at players who get too close. Protectors are immune to explosion damage, but get hurt when come in contact with water.

Dungeons also carry Reinforced Chests, which are resistant to explosions just like other reinforced blocks.