CrazyOres Wiki

CrazyOres comes with many new tool sets, and therefore new tool tiers have been put in place. See the chart below to understand what "tier" each tool set is. The higher the tier, the more blocks the tool will be able to mine. Note that although only pickaxes are shown in the below chart, the tier/statistics apply for all of the tools of that ore.

See below for an in-depth explanation. In order from top-down:
Tier 0: Wood, Gold
Tier 1: Stone
Tier 2: Meteorite, Copper
Tier 3: Iron
Tier 4: Adamite
Tier 5: Sapphire
Tier 6: Ruby
Tier 7: Diamond
Tier 8: Invisium, Zectium
Tier 9: Tapazite
Tier 10: Osmonium
Tier 11: Starconium
Tier 12: Ender

The first column is the tier. This means what level the tool set is in terms of what it can mine. For example, tier 0 (wood and gold) can mine almost none of the more advanced ores. You would need a higher tier tool to mine advanced ores. The chart is ordered by tier. You would need a tier 9 tool to obtain a tier 10 tool (you need Tapazite to mine Osmonium). The highest tier tool can mine any block in the game.

The second column is the tool set. This displays a pickaxe (or sledgehammer) that represents what tool set that tier includes. See the thumbnail for the above image to see exactly what each tool represents.

The third column is how many uses the tools in the set have. All tools (pickaxes, swords, shovels, hoes, axes) have the same uses. Each tool set has its ups and downs; for example, some may have low uses but high speed.

The fourth column is speed. While the numbers themselves have little meaning to the player, they can be compared to other tools to see how fast they are when mining. As an example, the starconium sledgehammer is over four times faster than the pickaxe of the same type.