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Tapazite Crystal
Tapazite Stalagmite.png
Type Non-Solid
Physics No
Transparency Semi-transparent
Luminescence Yes, 0.3
Blast Resistance 2.0
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version 2.0.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Zectium/Invisium Pickaxe

Tapazite Crystals can be found in one of two forms: either as stalagmites or stalactites. Tapazite stalagmites will grow on the ground while tapazite stalactites only grow on the ceiling. These crystals spawn alone, but will grow and spread over time if in the proper conditions. They spawn at level 35 and below, however can spread above this level.

Mining the crystals with the correct tools will drop tapazite dust and/or tapazite obelisks. The larger the crystal, the more likely it is to drop obelisks (and the more it will drop). Mining the crystals with inadequate equipment or by removing the block it is attached to will only yield tapazite dust. Tapazite obelisks, when held, will spread light wherever the player goes (as long as they are not underwater or in lava).

Obelisks can be used to create tools, armor, blocks, and golems. Tapazite tools are a tier above zectium and invisium. They are not very durable, having only 612 uses. They also do not do as much damage as zectium. Despite this, they are faster than zectium tools. Tapazite armor is slightly stronger and more durable than zectium.

Growth and Spread[]

Tapazite crystals grow in phases. There are a total of 7 phases of growth. In the first phase, the obelisks are extremely small. They grow in size and amount over time. Tapazite crystals will only grow and spread if they are attached to a Stone block and they are in light level 8 or below. Crystals spread onto other stone blocks. If left alone long enough, crystals can grow to cover entire caves.