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Starconium Ore
Starconium Ore.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence No
Blast Resistance 5.0
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version 2.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Osmonium Pickaxe

Starconium Ore is the rarest ore found within the CrazyOres mod. Starconium spawns in veins of 4 or less, and only spawns at level 12 or below. Starconium Ore drops itself and can be smelted to produce 1 Starconium Gem. Starconium gems can be used to create tools, armor, blocks, and golems. Gems can also be crafted into Starconium Shards which are ingredients in the Starconium Sledgehammer and the Demonite Furnace.

Starconium tools are the strongest and most durable in CrazyOres. They have 3001 uses. Despite this, its enchantibility is quite poor, meaning that players may have some trouble getting the best enchantments on their tools. Starconium tools are the second-fastest toolset in the game, only falling behind Osmonium.

Starconium armor is also the strongest in CrazyOres. It is stronger than any other set by a long shot.

Starconium Golems are the second-largest. They also have the ability to ground-pound their enemies. This move is chosen randomly. When the golem does it, they will jump up high in the air, and create an explosion when they land that is almost guaranteed to kill their targets. This explosion does not damage blocks, only mobs (and players) within radius.

Starconium Sledgehammer[]

The Starconium Sledgehammer is a special tool, and the only of its kind. Its recipe is very demanding, requiring 40 luminite crystals, 5 starconium gems, and 2 sticks. The sledgehammer doubles as an effective tool and weapon. It can mine almost all blocks. It is also extremely fast (over 4 times faster than regular starconium tools), and must be handled carefully. Holding the mouse button for too long can result in much destruction if not used carefully.

Similar to a sword, the sledgehammer has a parry move of its own to shield against incoming attacks. Despite the power of the sledgehammer, a starconium sword will still do more damage in battle. Sledgehammers will only accept tool enchantments. The sledgehammer has 1066 uses.