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Osmonium Ore
Osmonium Ore.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence No
Blast Resistance 5.0
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version Core 1.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Tapazite Pickaxe

Osmonium Ore is a very rare ore in the CrazyOres mod. Osmonium spawns in veins of 4 or less, and only at level 95 or above. Osmonium can most commonly be found within hills and mountains, similar to Emerald Ore. Osmonium Ore can be smelted into Osmonium Ingots. Osmonium is known for being light, yet durable. Osmonium Ingots can be used to create tools, armor, blocks, and golems.

Osmonium tools are extremely fast, and are the second fastest tools in CrazyOres (Only the Starconium Sledgehammer is faster).

When wearing a full set of Osmonium Armor, the player is given the ability to walk at a faster pace. Osmonium Golems also walk much faster than the normal golem.