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Meteorite Ore
Meteorite Ore.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence Yes, 0.8
Blast Resistance 5.0
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version 1.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Copper Pickaxe

Meteorite Ore is a relatively common ore found in the CrazyOres mod. Meteorite spawns in veins of 6 or less, and only spawns above level 70. Meteorite is one of the most useful ores in the mod, as many very useful resources can be created with it. Meteorite has an 80% chance of dropping meteorite coal, and a 20% chance of dropping a meteorite gem. Coal can be used as fuel in furnaces and as an ingredient for torches, while gems are useful for creating meteorite tools and armor. Gems are also used to create the hell bow.

Meteorite tools have 331 uses. Although meteorite tools can mine the same blocks as copper, they are slower and deal less damage. However, they have their benefits. Meteorite tools (except the hoe) set fire to the ground when right-clicked and when hitting mobs they sets them on fire as well.

Meteorite armor is also very weak, and has poor protection to elements other than lava/fire in comparison to other armor sets. It is equivalent to leather armor in terms of durability and strength, but when wearing a full set, the player will not take damage from fire or lava. Keep in mind that this is not permanent, as the armor will slowly take damage when in this type of environment and once one piece breaks, you are no longer immune to fire damage.