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Ender Ore
Ender Ore.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence No
Blast Resistance 5.0
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version Core 1.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Starconium Pickaxe/Sledgehammer

Ender Ore is an ore that spawns in the End. It spawns in veins of 8 or less and can be found at all levels. While ender ore is common, it requires top-notch equipment to mine and can be quickly destroyed by the Ender Dragon if it gets too close. Ender ore drops itself, and can be smelted to create ender gems. Gems can be used to create tools, armor, blocks, golems, and more.

Ender tools are the highest-tier tool set in CrazyOres, above even Starconium. Despite this, they are not as durable or fast as Starconium. Ender tools have 2239 uses. Ender armor is very strong, though not as strong as Starconium. When a player is wearing a full set of ender armor, they are immune to fall damage. The damage is instead directed to the armor.

Ender golems are the largest in CrazyOres. However, they also do the least amount of damage in comparison to any other golem, doing only half a heart of damage per hit. The reason for this is that ender golems have a unique ability: they can throw enemies very far away in a random direction. Enemies will not only be thrown up extremely high in the air, but will be thrown quite far away, often out of attacking range.