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Demonite Furnace
Demonite Furnace.png
Type Solid block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminescence No
Blast Resistance 10.0 (2.0 if lit)
Renewable No
Stackable Yes, 64
First Appearance Version 5.0
Minimum Tool Requirement Tapazite Pickaxe

The Demonite Furnace is useful for more efficient smelting and duplication of items. When using a demonite furnace, it is very important to cool it. The furnace overheats very quickly when not surrounded by cooling blocks and will explode if not taken care of properly. All of the recipes for the demonite furnace can be found here.

Demonite furnace smelting.png Demonite Furnace gui.


::NOTE:: Demonite Furnaces heat up quicker when lava, fire, or other cooking furnaces/demonite furnaces are within range.

Demonite furnace cooling.png Effective cooling zone for a demonite furnace.

List of cooling blocks in order of effectiveness:

  1. Packed Ice is the most effective form of cooling for the demonite furnace. It does not melt even when the furnace enters The Point of No Return.
  2. Ice is also a good resource to use for cooling the demonite furnace although as the furnace grows hotter, the ice will begin to melt.
  3. Snow is still able to cool the furnace, but melts quickly if the furnace heats up slightly. A lot of snow blocks are required to keep the furnace cool.
  4. Water is not able to cool the furnace alone and must be used as a supplement if you do not have enough of the other cooling blocks.
  5. Snow Layer barely cools the demonite furnace and is not recommended for use.

The Point of No Return[]

When a demonite furnace reaches the The Point of No Return it is nearly impossible to bring the furnace back to a sustainable temperature. In this state, surrounding ice and snow blocks melt quickly, making it hard to cool the furnace.

Demonite furnace no return2.png A demonite furnace that has entered the point of no return.

Although ice and snow melt quickly, packed ice does not melt even when the furnace is on the brink of exploding.