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Welcome to the CrazyOres Wiki! We are dedicated to documenting Andy608's Minecraft mod, CrazyOres. Our goal is to ensure that players have the best experience possible and are able to learn about anything they would like in CrazyOres. This wiki is a work-in-progress, and needs your help! Feel free to constructively edit any page you would like!

Getting Started

Are you new to CrazyOres? We have some pages to get you started!

  • Ores: A list of all of the new ores added in CrazyOres.
  • Tool tiers: A guide explaining the tool hierarchy (which tools are weakest and which are strongest).
  • Recipes: A full list of recipes in the crafting table, furnace, and demonite furnace. Complete with pictures!

Featured Page

Starconium Ore.png

Starconium Ore is one of the best ores in CrazyOres. It can be used to make tools, armor, blocks, and golems. Golems can ground-pound enemies! Or, create a multi-use sledgehammer. Learn more...

Armor banner.png

Zectium dungeon2.png

Zectium Protectors guard their dungeon.

Tapazite Crystals.png

Tapazite crystals grow on stone in 7 phases.

Demonite furnace no return2.png

A Demonite Furnace entering its "Point of No Return".